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How To Educate Yourself to Be a Marketer

One of the best ways to make money without a formal education is online. There are no formal courses that can teach you how to do this. In fact things change so fast that it is impossible for a school to set up a curriculum, hire a teacher, wait for the next semester and so on. By the time class starts the material could be outdated already. It’s not really the best way to go about things.

Learn From a Guru

In this era, the best way to learn is to learn from a guru. Not just any guru though, but one that walks the walk, not talks the talk. You can find many Youtube “stars” online that can help you succeed but you need to make sure they are legit. One Youtube star is Franklin Hatchett. He does very well in both affiliate and eccomerce. He has a course on ecommerce called eCom Elites and you can find a great review here –

YouTube Stars

There are many other Youtubers that pitch an ecom course and Franklin is just one of them. You’ll need to read a review like the one mentioned on Drew’s site so that you can get an idea of what goes on in the course. You’ll also get to see what the course looks like on the inside which is really cool because he bought it.

Find a Mentor

Other ways to educate yourself is to find yourself a mentor. This is probably going to be the hardest route but if you do know anyone you should ask to see if they would be willing to take you on. Now, they might not know much about your specialty that you want to get involved with but if they are successful in business you can apply what they know to almost anything. Tai Lopez talks about this a lot in one of his courses.

Product Reviews

Reviews are probably your best bet though, and if you find a digital product that you really like, you should always get a good review. Just search for the product and follow it up with “review” for example and you will get a lot of results of all the different reviewers of that products. Drew’s Review is just one of the ones that stand out as being legit. There are others too, just make sure that the review is well put together and is believable.

Marketing is a difficult game and is almost impossible to learn on your own. In fact if you try to learn on your own you will almost certainly fail. I say “almost” because some people get lucky and stumble on something that can make them a small or even large fortune. This of course is very uncommon and chances for that happening are slim for you. Don’t be discouraged by these words though because everyone is in the same boat as you when starting out. It is up to you to forge your path and your destiny.

Putting in the Work

Being lazy and working just a couple of hours a day isn’t really going to cut it. If you have a full time job then yes, that might be your only option so use this time wisely.

If your business sees some success, always re-invest into your business, don’t go booking any vacations just yet. Once you build up a stable income and feel it’s time to leave your job, you’ll be able to put in a lot more hours to build your empire.

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